We Create ​​Agency ​Grade Ad ​Campaigns to build targeted and profitable Campaigns.

Better Campaign Structure =
Lower CPCs & Higher CTR

We create profitable Campaigns and Get More Conversions At Lower Costs and produce high quality scores.

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GENERATE Targeted PPC Campaigns

We structure your ads more tightly so that each one is dedicated to a single product or service. This gives you the power to quickly and easily link each ad group to the most relevant landing page on your site for your potential customers’ search terms.

Build “effective” Ad Campaigns

Our research shows that it takes an average of 8-15 hours to setup a properly structured PPC campaign. We help you streamline this process and build effective Ad campaign strategy, so you can focus on growing your business.


When a user types a keyword in the search engine, clicks your advert with same keyword, and then lands on a page that’s been customized just for them, it will make them feel like they are in the right place at the right time..

REDUCE YOUR COSTS For Every Conversion.

We at itopseo help you generate highly-targeted PPC campaigns that will boost your quality score. The higher your quality score,the lower your cost-per-click and that means lower customer acquisition. 

MAKE MORE PROFIT By Increasing Your ROI.

Since we at itopse generate optimized PPC campaigns with landing page integrations, you’ll significantly decrease your cost-per-click. This translates directly into more leads and sales for a fraction of the price!

SCALE Your Ads AND… Your Business Fast.

Scaling your ad campaigns and growing your business has never been easier. Thanks to itopseo , we will create highly effective ad campaigns .

Finally… itopseo generates A Faster, Better, and Cheaper Way to Generate High Converting PPC Campaigns.

We generate Properly Structured Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) Campaigns Based On Search Engines Best Practices.

We build your optimized campaigns based on Google and Bings best practises to ensure your campaign structure is setup exactly the way it should be to ensure your campaigns have the highest degree of relevancy between the original search term, the ad, and the landing page.

With Dynamic Keyword Insertion = Higher Click Through Rates

When users type in their search term in Google, it can pass the search term to your advert using our dynamic keyword insertion campaign. This ensures that the quality of your traffic is high, and will also be reflected in your improved conversion rate because of the increased relevancy.

We build Targeted PPC Campaigns Loaded With Hundreds of Ad Groups & Thousands of Keywords!

We Will Take Your PPC Ads To The Next Level… Regardless Of What Business Your In!

We generate Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns with thousands of targeted adgroups, text ads, custom URLs, and dynamic keywords. We generate highly-targeted PPC ads for each ad group to guarantee high click-through rates.

We Generate Hundreds of Dynamic PPC Ads

Dynamically generate hundreds of targeted PPC ads for each ad group to achieve high click-through rates and conversions.

For PPC Consultants

We build high-quality campaigns for many different clients. From conducting keyword research to generating thousands of ad groups, we can easily create a highly converting campaign. Contact us for further information.

For Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies contact us now for rolling out high performing PPC campaigns for your clients and easily input multiple team-members. Using our services, we will create campaigns based on industry best-practices.

For Start Ups

Spend less time figuring out how to best generate quality traffic and more time focusing on your business growth, we make managing your adverts simple, so you can focus on what you love to do. Contact us now for more information.

For Affiliate Marketers

We build and test numerous promotions. In the cut-throat world of affiliate marketing where your margins are tight, you’ll need our valuable service so you can get to decrease your costs-per-click and improve your conversion rate. We will create effective PPC campaigns you need to succeed.

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